Juwai Night Teer result today update 2021

Juwai Night teer result today update

Juwai Night Teer Result


F/R (06:45 PM)

S/R (07:45 PM)



Juwai Night Teer Common Number
Date: 06/05/2021

Direct Number



56, 85, 25, 36



Weekly booking number
05/04/2021 to 12/05/2021
Last update on 05/04/2021 02:00  PM

00, 58, 25, 68, 59, 69, 74, 60, 54, 21, 36, 88, 70, 75, 11, 22, 45, 23, 12

Juwai night teer result today latest update: So are you looking for the Juwai night teer result, here we have updated the daily teer result for every teer counter. Juwai teer counter result is also available through our site, the Juwai night teer result is updated every day at 06:45 PM First Round and 07:45 PM Second round.

We also provide all the latest updates for Juwai teer results such as Juwai teer common number, Juwai Night teer common number, Juwai night teer result, etc.

Juwai Night Teer result

What is the Juwai night teer result? So while the lockdown began throughout the country (India), many teer counters have started the night teer counter as well, Juwai Night teer also began during the time of lockdown.

If you used to play for the Juwai teer game then you can also play for the Juwai night teer game as well, for the daily update on Juwai night teer result you can visit our site every day on this page (Juwai night teer result).

Juwai Night teer common number

Are you looking for the Juwai night teer common number, here on this page we also provide the Juwai night teer common number daily? Our common numbers are calculated on the previous result basis by our expert team, this common number which is provided on our site provides up to 90% accuracy rate.

So if you are looking for the right Juwai night teer common number then you must look into our provided common number on the above-provided table.

All you need to know about Shillong Teer Counter

Shillong teer Game is officially recognized by the government of Meghalaya, this archery game is conducted in the state of Meghalaya. There are also many other similar games under the state Meghalaya such as the Shillong Night teer, Shillong Morning teer, and Khanapara Teer counter.

Shillong Teer is a legal archery game, organized by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association. At 3:30 pm, the archery session of Shillong Teer begins at Polo Ground in Shillong.

There are numbers from 00 to 99 of a total of 100 from which you can get as much as the number you want at your price. The price starts from ₹ 1 to any amount, within the state there are many teer counter from which the Shillong teer ticket is available for you to buy.

Is Shillong teer legal? Shillong teer is legal in the state of Meghalaya, but this archery game is much popular throughout the state of all northeast India.

How is the Shillong teer result conducted? The teer result re-conducted on the lottery system under the traditional Khasi game which is hosted by Khasi Archery Sports Association.

What is Shillong teer counter? In simple words, the Shillong teer counter is the place where one can book his number for the upcoming teer result. There are many teer counters throughout the state of Meghalaya seems the government of the state has made teer game legal in the state.

Also, the many venues for the teer counter are in Shillong polo ground, from where the teer number is outcast.

Shillong teer result today 2021 list

We are providing all the latest Shillong teer result daily on our site, if you are looking for the Shillong teer result today then we have already mentioned today’s result on the top of our page. here you will find all the teer result for Shillong, Khanapara, Juwai, Manipur. we also provide all the counter previous result, hit number and common member check out here.

Teer khanapara previous result

What is Khanapara previous result? as we have already mentioned that we provide all the teer previous results for all the teer counter available throughout the North East state, so if you are looking for the Teer Khanapara Previous result then check out here. we also provide the latest 10 days previous result for all the teer counter, this makes it easy for the player to look for the previous results.

Shillong teer counter hit number

The Shillong teer counter hit number is already available on our page, What are Shillong teer counter hot numbers? This Counter hot number is calculated on the basis of the Shillong Hit number provided by the various counter from Shillong, The Counter hit number provided more accuracy as compared to the common number and any other number.

If you are looking to play the Shillong teer game then you must go through our Shillong teer counter hit number, which is available from here.

Khanapara teer result list

Khanapara teer list are all the lists of the previous number from all the available data from the Khanapara teer counter, we have a collection of all the data from the Khanapara teer counter, If you are looking for the Khanapara teer result list then you can check out all the Khana teer result list from our page.

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